Learning how to effectively use business systems

It’s difficult to keep track of all the different systems I’ve provided e-learning for over the years. Time tracking, real estate, government insuring with legal document tracking, sales performance, compliance programs, lending, credit transactions, etc. From green screens to smart phone access, systems drive our businesses.

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One thing they all have in common – the owner of the system understands it’s importance, wants to demonstrate all the bells and whistles because they are in front of the learner, and because they are an expert, thinks their system is intuitive.

When dealing with highly regulated processes, managed with system inputs, I use an approach that makes the most of the learners and facilitators time that speeds up understanding and then adoption.

For example, I took a one week instructor led class and (over time) added 6 prework elearning modules so that by the time the learners met with the instructor, they had already learned all the background of the system, practiced using the interface, and came to class with 2 client records in the system to practice more advanced topics with the instructor’s guidance. The 5 day class was reduced to 2 days saving time, travel and allowing for deeper understanding and more hands on learning.

How important are the systems your employees use? How do they practice before and after class? How are you ensuring they are up to speed quickly and making the most of your time with learners?

I can provide you with custom solutions to help improve your bottom line – let’s talk!

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